Somatic Bodywork is focused on solving problems;  problems that don't show up on x-rays and MRI's, that don't respond to traditional therapies and won't be fixed by pills or surgery.  Problems that are physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and often all of the above.  Or, more simply, Somatic.

Somatic education is:

Relief- quickly and gently releasing areas of pain and stiffness.

Empowerment - connecting you to your full resources of vibrant living.

Knowledge - learning how to take care of yourself and improve on your own.

UPCOMING Somatic Workshop //

Myth Of Aging // Flip The Script on Aging Through Movement

July 8, 2018  -  1:00 - 4:00  -  Harmonia Marin

upcoming Group Classes //

Somatics For Everyone // Living Well Through Movement

June  14  -  June 21  -  June 28  -  July 12  -  July 26