From an early age I was driven towards questions of how and why we act as we do. As an undergrad at Ithaca College, I studied Applied Psychology, Politics and Philosophy. Although I was intrigued by questions of gender, identity, and the range of human functioning, I ultimately left feeling dissatisfied with the way questions were asked without much thought towards action and solution.

My next step involved studying Massage Therapy. I learned hands-on solutions and essential skills for working with people and connecting on a physical level.

But physically demanding work and events from my early years was catching up with me. Not only did I have asthma and intestinal distress, but I also was continually dealing with tight, painful shoulders, neck, arms and wrists.  Fortunately, a colleague turned me on to Hanna Somatics and, after a few sessions and self-study with the Somatics book, I was out of pain and on to enjoying my life.  As a student of this work, I find Somatics to be continually and increasingly beneficial for myself; allowing me to be more physically engaged and healthier with each year.

Ultimately it was through the study and exploration in Somatic Education that I found a framework for understanding how we develop into dysfunction and, more importantly, heal out of it. In 2009 I completed my training as a Hanna Somatic Educator and continually develop my skills through additional training and self discovery.

When not practicing at my private office in San Francisco, I teach Massage Therapy and Health Education at the National Holistic Institute, and serve as the Vice President of the Assocation for Hanna Somatic Education. I'm also an avid runner, cyclist, saxophone player and aspiring tennis champ.