Enhance your performance and enjoyment in life, in your body, at any age - through Hanna Somatic movements. 

Have you stopped doing what you love - rock climbing, skiing, road trips, even sitting for hours on end reading a book? Does your body speak in tension? Do you feel that you are experiencing symptoms of getting “older” or “aging” sooner than you were expecting or ready for?

There is a great myth about aging in our culture. The story goes that we will get older, stiffer and steadily lose the ability to touch our toes, climb stairs, play sports, or even walk unassisted.  Much of what we see and hear affirms this belief.  So, naturally, when we do start getting stiffer and in pain, we assume this is our destiny coming true.  But what if this were just a myth that creates an expectation and we stop looking for an alternative experience? 

While it is true that every day we get older, how we age is much more variable than it may seem.  Many symptoms of “aging” are simply the results of holding on to accumulated stuff, unresolved tension, accumulated stress, and bracing from past events.  Our bodies are incredibly good at learning, and maintaining unconsciously, patterns that we do repeatedly; including how we walk, stand and sit.  What somatic educators have discovered is that the musculoskeletal and postural issues underlying the normal aging experience result from our bodies maintaining too much tension and carrying out inefficient and uncomfortable movement patterns.  More important than how we end up stiff and achy is the fact that, through the controlled use of the mind, we can reverse the patterns and learn to move and hold our posture with less effort, less tension and more ease.

This experiential workshop will help to unwind (unlock) the internalized story about who you are by bringing an awareness to your unique, unconscious processes of tension/holding patterns in the body.  Through movement, you will connect with the unconscious patterns that control your everyday actions and experience your bodies potential for freedom. Freedom from pain, freedom from stiffness and freedom from limitation. We can actually reverse the accumulated stress of life and find expansion.

Come and flip the script. Embrace a new myth, that life holds the opportunity to be better at being in our bodies the longer we live.

This is what we will discover and experience together - reclaim your body, reclaim your life.



+ Functional Hanna Somatic movements that reveal the bodies tension/holding patterns and internalized desires.

+ Learning to have a conversation with the unconscious - through movement, becoming aware of what your body is doing unconsciously and make it do what you want it to do.

+ Cultivating awareness in the body through voluntary movement and sensing the ways we organize ourselves. Learning about the ways we impede our own movement and lives with chronic tension.


+ Anyone - at any age, in any body.

+ Interested in learning functional movements to release tension and holding patterns in the body.

+ Want to reclaim your body's potential for activity without pain

+ Want to reconnect with your sense of self

+ Want to discover your body's potential for continual development

+ Re-discover and enhance your en-joyment!


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Sunday - July 8th

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Harmonia Marin

Workshop Rate // $70


+ Opportunity to sense and discover your body in the present

+ Learn a sequence of movements to continue being better in your body - continue to take care after the workshop.

+ Flip the script around “aging” and take back ownership of your development.

+ Connect and unwind in a sanctuary space with a community of like-minded individuals.

+ Through experiencing your body - you will become aware of the link between your conscious desires and the unconscious functions. By becoming aware - you can automatically do more of what you like to do.




Harmonia is Marin's wellness and social club - offering an experience of retreat and restoration for its members.

This workshop is for members & non-members.

Truly an honor to be teaching in this space and to share it with the community of San Francisco!