My visits with Gabriel were prompted after enduring about 6 months of pain in both of my shins. I am a runner, who doesn’t like to take time off of exercise, so the pain never got better. I didn’t want to go to my doctor and get pain meds, or an MRI/X-rays, so I decided to try Gabriel. After 1 visit, and one week of doing the take home exercises he gave me, the pain in my shins was nearly gone! After my second visit, I have begun to see even more improvements in not just my shins, but my balance, and overall awareness about how my body feels and moves. Anyone who has any discomfort, or just wants to improve their overall health and athletic performance should see Gabriel!
— Reese S.
I have just completed my 3rd visit with Gabriel. I originally made an appointment with him after I threw my back out.What I ended up discovering is that the back ‘doesn’t stand alone’ but is interconnected with the rest of the body. Logically I knew this, but through my work with Gabriel my body itself has begun to discover how things fit. This is my first experience with somatic work.

I don’t exactly understand how it works, but I feel much better, and that works for me. Gabriel is very respectful, gentle and patient. If you are interested in healing , rather than taking pain pills, I highly suggest paying a visit to Gabriel.
— Kathleen K., Yelp Customer
Gabriel helped me recover from a nerve injury in my foot (Morton’s Neuroma) that was preventing me from being able to run. This was a much, much better outcome than an expensive surgery with a long recovery time!

Gabriel also helped me gain greater awareness of how my body moves during running and how it naturally should be moving. He always takes time to explain how various movements connect to each other and how the body works as a complete system. If you’ve got pain, want to learn more about how your body moves, or both, go see Gabriel.
— Jonas J., Yelp Customer
Working with Gabriel is life changing. I cannot recommend him and somatic-style bodywork enough. I’ve had a lot of massage, chiropractic and other healing work over the years for chronic pain, accident injuries, tension, etc and enjoy the more subtle modalities like cranio-sacral as well as more traditional deep tissue work. Gabriel’s combination of massage and somatic work feels like a healing reeducation of my body/mind. I feel like his hands are having a conversation with my muscles and teaching them better ways to be. He does some pressure-point type work to release muscles, but stays within a comfortable pressure range. He does stretching and rolling and massaging of the body and often incorporates teaching simple exercises to empower you to reconnect with your body and relax it yourself.

I highly recommend his somatic education sessions as well. The physical therapy-type exercises are simple, but deep and profound, and the body remembers and keeps building upon the last time so it starts to know itself more wholly and returns to a more relaxed place more easily.

Gabriel is a kind, generous, talented, intuitive, respectful soul with whom I entrust cocreating healing. I have a better relationship with my body and with the pain because of this work. I am reminded to appreciate the parts that feel good, and more and more do these days. I am able to feel more of a whole person instead of feeling like a walking block of back and neck pain. I feel less victimized by my body pain and better able to help myself feel good. That is invaluable and I am so grateful to Gabriel for his substantial part in it.
— Hillaroo C., Yelp Customer
Gabriel is an excellent massage therapist. I say that with confidence as I have a lot of experience with many massage therapists in the many years I have had chronic pain. With various techniques and the wonderful Somatic exercises he taught me to do at home, my right hip is unlocking and my feet and hands feel better than they have in years.

When I first went to see him my psoas had been in spasm on the right side 3 times in 6 weeks. Not one spasm since we started the sessions. My left knee has been so problematic, and it is improving as well. The exercises are intelligent and grounding, and help to wake up areas that have been asleep, and then re-integrate them as alive and competent. And that’s in just 10 min. a day.

Finally, my body is beginning to feel well-knit and my hips are stabilizing. My balance has returned.
Gabriel is not looking to have me as a client for life, but to encourage me to take control of my aches and pains. Check out Thomas Hanna’s book Somatics from the library and read the introduction. Hanna invented this technique, and his words are truly inspiring.
— A. W., Yelp Customer
I had a really good experience with Gabriel and have already recommended him enthusiastically to my friends and family.

My boyfriend had given me a gift certificate for a 120-minute massage with Gabriel because a) I love massages and b) I have had persistent lower back pain for some time and chiropractic didn’t make a difference for me. In our first session, Gabriel was able to identify an injury from 5 years ago as the cause of my pain, and he gave me exercises to do regularly in addition to the massage. I especially appreciated his enthusiasm that, with the right exercises, this problem could be solved.

After two sessions and consistent exercises I am already feeling better. When he heard that, Gabriel didn’t pressure me to schedule more appointments anyway (unlike other specialists I have worked with...). I know that he is always available for a check-in if I need it, but I think that I can manage my pain myself with the exercises and advice he has given me.
— Bari S., Yelp Customer
I can only vouch for all the other 5 star reviews that have been given to Gabriel. I too have been to many Message Therapists and without a doubt, Gabriel is the best. I came to him with major back issue pain hoping that a “good message” would relieve some of the discomfort.

Gabriel listened to my reason for coming and concentrated on those areas as well as teaching me some stretching techniques I wasn’t familiar with.

It has been three days since my session and feeling Great! I will definitely be returning to Gabriel in the future as my Healing Massage Therapist. Thank you Gabriel!
— Ira S.
In the beginning I came to him with a severe lower back pain. The pain was gone 80% after our first session, and 100% after the second!

I discovered Gabriel to be a true healer. I have kept visiting Gabriel since then, and not only did he help me to overcome all my back related pains, but he also helped me to improve my posture (my left shoulder had always been about 1.5 inches higher than the other one, now they are equal!) and my overall well being significantly. Please go see Gabriel, if you feel any back discomfort of any sort!”
— Georg T., Yelp Customer
I’ve seen Gabriel for a couple of years to deal with chronic neck issues and he’s been very helpful. But, his support this week was AMAZING.

I pulled my neck and had an acute pinched nerve with limited motion. I could barely move my neck from side to side and was in a lot of pain. I was able to squeeze in to Gabriel’s schedule for an emergency appointment. We did somatic movement therapy and my neck felt much better right after the appointment. I could move a little bit more and was less stiff. That night I was able to sleep pretty soundly (the night before I kept on waking up due to the pain) and I woke up the next day 75% better. It has slowly improved since and I am on the road to recovery.

Without Gabriel’s support, I don’t know if I could have recovered this quickly. Thanks Gabriel!
— D F, Yelp Customer
Ever since I can remember my elbows never completely open (to 180 degrees, like most people’s do), which is really annoying in yoga, because I can’t just lock my arms and stay in a pose for 1/2 an hour.

I was previously told that it was a genetic thing, that my bones were just that way. But lo and behold, during one of my normal massage sessions, Gabriel started working on one of my arms and his efforts actually significantly increased how far I can open that arm. Holy moly, what happened to genetic?!?

We discussed this apparent miracle and he suggested another appointment so he could teach me some somatic exercises. I’ve been doing the recommended exercises for a few weeks now and I’ve experienced a big change. Hurray for Gabriel and his amazing abilities! (And hurray for me for now being able to hold downward dog without feeling like I’m gonna pass out from fatigue!)”
— Chris S., Yelp Customer
Gabriel has a real gift for finding out what a person needs to help heal themselves. I came for help recovering from total knee replacement and for staving off the need for replacing my other arthritic knee. Both of these have been very successful. In the course of a year, we have had to deal with new challenges, since I work on my feet and need ways to exercise without causing further damage. Gabriel works carefully, remains present and observant, has a large “toolbox” of healing methods, and works to build my own skills as well. He’s an excellent reader of the energy body, with healing hands. This works for just massage, but far more so for real holistic healing. He is always learning himself, so he’s getting better and better at this healing business. Without being invasive, he understands and works with the mind-body as a whole. We are lucky to have one so young be so wise.”
— Lisa N., Yelp Customer
Gabriel is the best! Whether you are going to him for a massage or you are going to learn how your body operates and how to lengthen your muscles without having to stretch, Gabriel is the man. I hate stretching, so Gabriel’s somatic body work helps me unwind the knots and alleviate the soreness I get in my muscles. I mostly go to Gabriel to help work out the kinks I get from sitting at a desk all day. I also have a hip problem that acts up every so often and Gabriel is quick to ease the pain.\

I highly recommend Gabriel to anyone with an interest in feeling better and wanting to have their body function at its most optimal level. Gabriel is super knowledgeable and he loves his work so he is passionate about helping people. His gentle touch moves you quickly out of pain and back into feeling good.
— Robert G., Yelp Customer
I decided to try somatic bodywork to help the pain associated with my scoliosis, but mainly for preventative help. I went in knowing a little about it but did not really know what to expect. Gabriel is great and really helped me understand what my body was doing and how stress and tension in one part of the body can affect other parts. Since seeing him, I am more aware of my actions and have a better understanding of what I can do to help my back. Since doing the daily exercises he suggested, I have noticed that I have been feeling less pressure in my lower back and am more in tune with my body. I would highly recommend seeing him!
— Sibba H., Yelp Customer
I LOVE Gabe!

I’ve been trying to rehab my broken shoulder for over six months now and I’ve been feeling so much better with his wise help! I’m an esthetician and right handed and the injured right shoulder has been on the mend with Gabriel’s help. I was recommended to Gabe by a dear friend of mine after she destroyed her knee, I was not knowing what to expect but after meeting him and listening to him speak about the practice of Somatic bodywork it all makes complete sense to me.

He’s never once promised me I will live a life free of pain but what he has promised, and delivered, is that my mind will allow my body to forget about the pain and to regain mobility and free movement. It’s an involved practice, this is not for a client who is not willing to partake in at home stretches. If you’re willing and wanting to allow and aid in your body’s recovery of any aches and pains then Gabriel Posner is your man!

Thank you Gabe, you enhance my well being.
— Anna C., Yelp Customer
As a dancer and athlete, I put my body through a fair amount of stress. I have greatly benefited from Gabriel’s healing hands and would highly recommend him to anyone. He is very knowledgeable about the body and helps educate you on how to de-stress and be more in touch with your body at home. He stretched out my sore legs after the marathon I ran and I was back to running in no time.

Two thumbs up!
— Aliyya S., Yelp Customer

"Gabriel is a true healer.  I started working with him for a back injury when I was in severe pain.  After 1 session, I felt much better and could move much more freely.  Now that we've been working together a few months, I have felt significant improvement.  The somatic exercises he taught me -- though simple -- are very powerful.  I found this out the hard way, when I got very stressed out at work and forgot to do them for a week.  By Friday, I was in terrible pain again.  I emailed Gabriel, and he reminded me of the simple (they take about 5 minutes) movements he showed me in our sessions.  I did them that weekend and felt better.  The following week, another very stressful one requiring me to be at my desk for over 16 hours a day, I made it a priority to make sure I did those exercises in the morning and when I got home at night.  By the end of the week, the difference was drastic.  Although I was tired, I wasn't in pain.  It felt like a miracle.

The thing I find so impressive about the somatic technique Gabriel uses is that once you’ve learned the exercises, you can basically heal yourself. I have not experienced that with any other type of body work!

Having grown up with a mother who is an incredible bodyworker, I’ve had many many amazing massages in my life. I do not give out compliments and recommendations for this type of work lightly. Gabriel is someone who truly deserves praise for the work he does. In fact, I signed up for a Yelp account just to say this about him.”
— Lila B., Yelp Customer
As a professional bodyworker myself, I am quite picky about who I get work from. Gabriel and I used to work together at a holistic health clinic, and I considered it one of the perks of the job that I got to trade with him.

His work is effective, gentle, informed, and nurturing. His training in Hanna Somatics gives him a unique perspective and great techniques for addressing chronic pain or movement issues. Highly recommended.
— Jennifer C., Yelp Customer
I went to see Gabriel for what I assumed were unrelated pains-chronic pain in my lower back and a more episodic injury to one shoulder and arm. A few amazing sessions later what I came away with was not only a massively improved me, but also a comprehensive understanding of the root cause of my pains and an almost miraculous ability to unwind them my own.

At first, I thought the subtle movement work that we were doing seemed out of scale to the searing discomfort. With Gabriel’s patient, kind and steady encouragement, however, I reached a point where the tension in my un-felt muscles was released and the pain was gone. What’s more, the work we did has enabled me to move more fluidly in a number of exciting ways.

I can’t recommend Gabriel and the somatic bodywork he does strongly enough. If you’re thinking about it, stop thinking. Just go!
— Leslie P., Yelp Customer
I would recommend Gabriel highly. I have used him personally for a chronic problem on my hip that has been bugging me for years with fantastic results and liked him so much I brought him in to work on some of my staff members at Care Practice.
— Aaron B., Yelp Customer
Gabriel is phenomenal. I carry a heavy backpack and purse that leaves my back in knots and also sit at a computer for most of my work. Somatic bodywork was recommended to me and I was incredibly grateful for the time that I spent with Gabriel. He asked me questions to understand my back and shoulder discomfort and is an excellent teacher, explaining clearly how the movements work. I felt empowered with new exercises to go home and practice.

It is amazing work and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to take care of their body in a sustainable way.
— Tess L., Yelp Customer
I went into my first session with Gabriel completely not knowing what somatic education was. I just knew it involved the body, and that my body hurt! Years of trying to power through a shoulder injury and chronic hip pain had left me feeling like I was 40 going on 80.

Gabriel’s sessions are interactive and, unlike massage therapy, rely a great deal on the intention and focus *I* put into each session as well as his own. It’s definitely a team effort. I had no idea that such slow and incredibly gentle movements could be so immediately beneficial. It was a great relief to find a practice that didn’t involve the “no pain no gain” attitude.

He said he wanted to teach me how to enjoy being in my body again; not just free of pain, but full of joy and movement. I feel like I’m getting younger by the day, and have started introducing dance and other movement into my life for the first time.

The other things I really like about Gabriel are that he’s very down to earth and wants to pass on his knowledge. He is teaching me how to heal myself and isn’t pushy at all to get my business. He’s a joy to work with and it’s hard not to be a little more in love with him after each session because I feel so good!
— Karen S., Yelp Customer